The various processes in the field of CNC machining offered by the company can be counted:

CNC milling

In our machinery we have a technologically advanced machinery needed in the processes of CNC milling:

- Vertical machining center  DUGARD 2000E / X2060 Y850 Z 850

- Three vertical machining centers Haas Mini Mill / X400 Y300 Z300

- Numerically controlled milling machine PARPAS / X650 Y450 Z450

- Two vertical machining centers Deckel Maho DMC100V / X100 Y800 Z700

- Vertical machining center Dugard / X1020 V600E Z500

- Vertical machining center Haas VF4 SSYT / X1020 Y640 Z600

CNC turning

We offer turning centers, that allow machining of external and internal surfaces of objects in the form of solids of revolution.

- CNC lathe Hyundai HIT 15S

- CNC lathe Hyundai WIA L200Y

- Two lathes Hyundai WIA L210

- CNC lathe Haas SL20

- Conventional lathe TUj 50

- Conventional lathe Poreba TPK 90A / 2m

- CNC lathe Hyundai L210LMSA

- CNC lathe Hyundai L210LMA