Machining - type machining involving the removal of excess material cutting tools, which the blades are defined geometry, and their number is determined. The separated during processing of oversize material is turned into the chip, and executed process is carried out on machine tools.

Milling - shaping surfaces and curved surfaces
turning - surface treatment rotary internal and external
boring - for machining the internal surfaces
drilling - drilling holes

Soldering - method permanent bonding of metal with a metal binder known solder having a melting point lower than the melting point of joined elements.

soldering (under 450 ° C)
brazing (above 450 ° C)
brazing high temperature (above 900 ° C)

Aluminum sandblasting

The method is based on the fact that in addition to cleaning the surface of the oxide, dirt, scratches, or oxidized layer allows mainly to obtain natural color of the metal or satin effect of brightening the surface. May find application in the treatment of fragile products, delicate and thin, requiring precision.

Quality control

It is a permanent and integral part of the technological process. Each procedure and the operation is closely supervised. Special procedures define the methods, frequency and range of inspections.

The company has its own quality control department.

In addition to traditional measuring tools we also have a digital altimeter.

If you need measurements more complex elements, we have access to a 3D measuring arm. All products before leaving the company are checked with the preparation of documents quality.

Technology / Quality